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  • Hey Bob and Crew, Hope everybody is enjoying the weekend.  Let's see if we can bang out some of those smaller capcom tasks over the weekend.  Don't wany anybody to spend too much time on stuff.  We've been running and gunning for a few weeks so enjoy the free time and wind down a bit.
  • Saturday finds me at the office again -- cranking on some of our newer sites.  But I don't mind too much.  My office-mate Valerie is here and we keep ourselves amused as we work through stuff. And it's hard to have a tough day after I've taken Cole to the comic book store.  As odd as it seems, comics are a great way to ... more
  • Many of my clients ask my advice about search engine optimization for thier sites. And they should. While I am always happy to share my experience in this arena with them, there is always one book that I recommend for them. If you are doing business on the internet, you don't necessarily need to know all the ins and outs of this ... more
  • One of our newest projects,, will be soft-launching next week. is owned by F+W Publications, publishers of a number of DIY yourself magazines for hobby and craft enthusiasts.  This particular site assembles a worldwise network of crafters interested in everything from sewing and knitting to ... more

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